The Fire Inside

Today is the day that you get to hear one more song before the upcoming album Cheer for the Deer is released on April 6th. This song is a bit different than the others so far, in that it isn’t exactly an 80s influenced song. You may hear a bit of Rock and Jazz/Big Band, etc.

The song is a bit about the absurdity of life, how on one hand disaster is happening everywhere in the world, but on the other, for some, they are oblivious to this. The Fire Inside refers to our life force, our passion, our heart, what makes us tick, etc. And it doesn’t just apply to humans, it’s in everything!

I hope you enjoy it!

Special thanks to all my pals for helping me figure out what songs to put out first, let’s call you the Dunany gang for now.

Stream here:


  • Written, performed, recorded by Michael Wynn
  • Bass guitar by Rolston Miller
  • Mixed by Nixon Boyd, Banquet Sound
  • Mastered by Noah Mintz, Lacquer Channel

Single Art/Video Photos: Paul Macdougall

Video Photos: Chrys Tindale

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