New Song “Worthless Souls” and upcoming album “Cheer for the Deer” details

Today is the release of the second single from the upcoming Melted Wings album “Cheer for the Deer”, (out on April 6th, 2022).

You can stream it here:

The new song is titled “Worthless Souls” and again takes some influence from 80’s electronic and new wave, such as Depeche Mode, OMD and New Order. The track calls out how sexism and power have corrupt all levels of society. We all need to recognize this going forward and make sure that it doesn’t go unchecked. 

The new album “Cheer for the Deer” will be out on April 6th, and consists of 11 tracks, here is a complete track listing:

  1. Enter the Deer
  2. 1985
  3. Worthless Souls
  4. Capture Love
  5. The Fire Inside
  6. Escape Love
  7. Black Bars
  8. Deep Scars
  9. No Matter What You Say
  10. Cheer for the Deer Part 1
  11. Cheer for the Deer Part 2

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