Melted Wings is the multi-genre musical project of Michael Wynn, guitarist and founding member of bands Trains of Winter and Vicky von Vicky*, who were active in the Kingston and Toronto music scenes in the 90’s & early 2000s.  

After several years of not making music, Melted Wings has had a prolific output of songs since 2017, releasing multiple singles and EPs, along with a new album set to come out in early 2022.  It all began after playing a handful of songs for a friend of his late father’s in 2017, who encouraged and challenged Wynn to keep making new music.  From this initial boost Melted Wings was born and the first EP “The Bane of My Existence” was completed and released.

Each album and EP has had broad musical & genre-twisting influences. From folk, country, rock, pop, funk, disco, and alternative, to new wave, electronic and EDM.  From Johnny Cash, the Pixies, ABBA, and Grease to Handsome Furs, Depeche Mode & TRST.  The songs have gravitated lyrically toward love, unrequited love, broken relationships, social issues, and the impact of human existence. Wynn tends to latch onto catchy and quirky phrases, such as “You are the fire that fuels the flames of all my fears” in Bane of My Existence, or “Oh when your run don’t slip and fall, you’ll scrape your skin, bare bums and all” from the streakers in “Rolling Night”.

Release History:

“The Bane of My Existence” was produced by Nixon Boyd (Hollerado/Anyway Gang/Little Junior/Knifey/Dizzy) , who also played guitar & bass, with Wynn on vocals/guitar/banjo, and drums by Jake Boyd (Hollerado/Girlfriend Material).  It was a collection of folk/rock/country-rock songs, taking inspiration from Johnny Cash, Wilco and the Beatles. 

In 2018, plans for a second EP began to take shape with the first single “Rolling Night” coming out in the summer of 2019.  “Rolling Night” was featured on the Podcast, YouHeardThis, in October 2019.  

The second EP “Wake Me Up Before I Scream” was released on April 28, 2020. It was recorded again at Banquet Sound with Nixon Boyd producing, playing bass and keys, and featuring Jake Boyd on drums.  Inspiration this time came from the Alternative and Indie Rock of the 90’s/2000’s, with influences from Weezer/U2/Coldplay/Pixies, etc.

The single “Burning White” was featured as Alan Cross’s Gem of the Day on June 19, 2020.  It was broadcast on CFNY 102.1 the Edge, and was also published on the Global News website.

“Wake me up Before I scream” reached #14 on the !earshot: CFBX 92.5FM – Kamloops (Top 30) chart in March 2021.

In late 2020, “Everyday is like 2020” an electronic instrumental was released. It was inspired by the year 2020, with hours melting into days, days melting into months, as most people were stuck in their homes during this time. 

A plan for a third EP began to form in late 2020. With the time being spent at home, it was an opportunity to create some new music.  After quickly taking stock of the songs available, it became clear that an album’s worth of songs could be completed.

The album “Cheer for the Deer” is set to be released in 2022, and features Wynn on vocals/guitars/synths/drums, and is recorded by Wynn and mixed by Nixon Boyd (Hollerado).   It is partially a concept album that journeys into the past, specifically the ‘80s, introducing synths and sparse guitar work along with themes of acceptance and rooting for the underdog, for those that seem least likely to succeed.  With the central metaphor being a deer who is living their life, seemingly undisturbed in nature but whose existence is eventually at the mercy of humans.  The title “Cheer for the Deer” refers to a phrase a friend would use when their family partook in seasonal hunting.  They would use this phrase, essentially rooting for the deer to survive, in the hopes that the hunters would return empty handed.

The first single for Melted Wings’ upcoming album is “Capture Love”, a song that musically takes inspiration from the synth bands of the 80s, such as OMD, Depeche Mode & New Order, other more contemporary influences include Handsome Furs, DFA 1979, & TRST.   Lyrically the song explores the melancholy of feeling down, and the occasional small lights of brightness that  help you get out of the funk of these depressing times.  Where “love” in this case is not romantic love, but anything unexpected that puts a smile on your face and lifts you out of a fog.  Such as a dog wagging its tail at you, diving into your hobby or passion, or a random act of kindness from a stranger.

*Note: In late 2020 Vicky von Vicky reformed and played a comeback gig. (Note: Their show on March 3, 2020, was one of the last pre-pandemic shows at the Horseshoe Tavern before the COVID-19 lockdown was put in place).