Surprise EP “Before the Deer”!

“Before the Deer” min EP Cover

OK this isn’t really much of an EP, it’s really all around one song: “Cheer for the Deer“. And I know, don’t release stuff in December. But I thought for those getting wary of Christmas songs, it could break up the malaise. And, well you know what? This seemed like a good time to release a song like this, if you will. It almost dares you to like it. Here’s a video I made, it may be hard to watch for some (because of the shaky filming not the content):

Video with Video

Video with Image Only

Song Listing for Before the Deer

  1. Cheer for the Deer (Full Version), be patient, it’s long and has many layers!
  2. The Near
  3. Cheer for the Deer – Part 1
  4. Cheer for the Deer – Part 2

All songs written, recorded, and performed by Melted Wings (aka Michael Wynn)

Songs #1, #3 & #4:
Bass Guitar by Rolston Miller
Mixed by Nixon Boyd, Banquet Sound
Mastered by Noah Mintz, Lacquer Channel

You can stream it here:

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