Official Video – Capture Love!

Check out the new Lyric Video for Capture Love! #capturelove

So, this video was created by moi, after several hours of footage and finagling. Basically had to get an 8mm camera, and then overlay many photoshopped images, and animated gifs of Text, and after several hours of editing and splicing and dicing the video is here for your viewing pleasure. I explained this whole process to someone recently and they said to me: “Why didn’t you just use a mac with iMovie and an 8mm filter/app?”. Sheesh where were these people when I had started this whole thing?!

Oh yeah one more thing, I took film class in university and one thing we studied was something called “Cinema Verité”, which translates as “Truth Cinema” but really means, one shot footage, meaning no cuts, just a continuous scene. Ya that’s what I did. One shot. Like MM in 8 Mile.

Stream it here ->

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