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So the world seems like a disaster at the moment, here’s a little distraction, I hope.

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A couple of days ago I uploaded a video for my song The Fire Inside to Youtube, after it processed I was surprised to find it had been flagged for a Copyright claim, the details said that from the 2:06 mark until the end the melody was the same as another song, this one: My Body’s a Zombie for You by Dead Man’s Bones.

I was intrigued and a little surprised. I had never been flagged for this with any of my songs before, and I had never heard the song in question nor of the band before.

So l listened to the song (My Body’s a Zombie for You), i actually liked it, it reminds me of Timbre Timber a bit.  Turns out that one of the members of the band is a Ryan Gosling.  Yes THAT Ryan Gosling, the other Canadian Ryan.  But they only put out one album and that was over a decade go, but its quite good. I’m most definitely a new fan.

So I’ve disputed this and hope to hear back soon.  But why don’t you decide for yourself, did I rip it off, are there any similarities?  Or is this an AI/algorithm fail?

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2 thoughts on “Do These Sound the Same?

  1. These algorithms can find a match for almost anything. This trend has gotten truly ridiculous. Are there some similarities in the melodies? Yes. But as is typical with these kind of copyright claims, the irony is overwhelming. The Dead Man’s Bones song is infinitely more similar to a hundred different 50s classics than your song is to theirs. It’s still an original song, as is yours. They are both good songs that build off of what came before, just like pretty much every piece of music in recorded history.

    1. Yup totally agree Warren. Funny thing is it wasn’t flagged at all by my distribution service. Just youtube. Yup the chords have been done a million times -> I – vi – IV – V, stand by me is one example, but there are so many.

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