Cheer for the Deer – Instrumentals

For all my media friends, if you are looking for a theme for your show/podcast, please consider any of my songs, or these instrumentals!


Some background: right after the intro song, “Enter the Deer“, the album resets the perspective with a 1980s-esque instrumental called appropriately “1985”. This song has some heavy synths in it. I have had this song around since the early 2010s, and originally was considering re-recording it with a full rock band, i.e. guitars, real drums, etc.

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Black Bars

Another song that was from a long time ago, “Black Bars” has a very big band sound to it. I get this from my days in highschool and band. We were badasses, we had a very broad mix of musical influences. I remember doing Holst “The Planets”, particularly “Mars the bringer of war” with it’s 5/4 time signature. It was a very fun time playing that song. Anyways this song really is supposed be exhilarating and I hope you enjoy it!

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