“Cheer for the Deer” Album out Now!

Happy birthday (Literally) to Cheer for the Deer, I’ve been waiting for a LONG time to get this sucker out there. It was recorded over several years, but solidified between Nov 2020 and March 2021.

Stream it here

Spent many a night – fiddling/recording/playing/experimenting, with my trusty dog Ziggy sleeping at my feet over this period. It was in early January that the song “Cheer for the Deer” started to take form, and I realized it was a great name for an album.

Thanks to Kristi Herold for mentioning how she always “Cheered for the Deer” when her family partook in an annual hunt in northern Ontario. This phrase inspired a lot of this album, which takes some dark turns but is optimistic.

There are 11 songs here, well technically 11, I see them really as only 9. The last one would have been 8 mins long if I hadn’t split it into 2 parts.

Special thanks to Paul Pasanen (narration on Enter the Deer) and Rolston Miller, bass on The Fire Inside and Cheer for the Deer (both parts). These fellas are also in my other band Vicky von Vicky. We have something new in a couple of weeks for that as well.

Also thanks to Nixon Boyd (Banquet Sound) for the mixing, Noah Mintz for the Mastering (Lacquer Channel).

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